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  • Covering all your bases Security! You will be prepared for anything — you will be entitled to WDEA representation if necessary to ensure your rights are protected!
  • Pro Kids Pro Employee — WDEA advocates for our students and our employees. We consistently work to improve education in our schools, in our state and across the nation through our partners, the AEA and NEA!
  • Part of a Whole — You become a part of something bigger than just your school. You are connected to millions of teachers nationwide!
  • Professional Organization — The WDEA sits on every committee district wide to represent our members and students. Our Executive Board meets monthly with the Superintendent to discuss issues and concerns. We stand up for YOU!
  • Politics — The WDEA, AEA and NEA are non‐partisan groups in that they support candidates with pro‐education platforms. These organizations help to keep a watch over our schools, our students and our jobs.

Please visit the Arizona Education Association website for current Member Benefits.

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